QR User

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QR User is a module that displays the user ID of the currently logged-in user as a QR CodeThis module relies on an extended jQuery library that may be incompatible with other Joomla Javascript features on some web pages.  It is recommended that the module be placed on pages that are "light" in Javascript functionality. on an idea from https://github.com/jeromeetienne/jquery-qrcode.

Module settings

qruser settings

<div> container name The name of the container <div>
Display username text (Yes | No) Display the username of the logged-in user’s account beneath the barcode linked to the user profile.
<div> width The width and height of the container (in px).  Do not user a value less than 64.

The module can be assigned to any available module position.  If the person viewing the page has not logged in then a link to the login module will be displayed instead of the QR code.


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