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Joomla “double gzip” problems

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Lost CSS styling—frontend and backend

Gzip compressionHow To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression is a bit of a mixed bag.  While it can improve data transfer speeds and, therefore, perceived better website performance at the client end, people should be careful using Joomla’s Gzip features if they don’t know how they work.

Misusing Joomla’s Gzip features can cause browser errors and can potentially result in you not being able to manage your website.  There are two different problems relating to Gzip in Joomla:  (1) content encoding errors and (2) loss of CSS styling—frontend and backend—also known as the J! 4 “double gzip” problem.

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Which versions of J! are affected?

What causes the “1054 Unknown column 'authProvider' in 'field list'” error?

How to fix this error.

This problem affects people who updated to J! 3.10.7 or J! 4.1.1Release date:  30 March 2022. but it may reappear in a future release after those releases were withdrawn from distribution.  In this article I will try to explain:

  1. What the J! developers were trying to achieve.
  2. How the problem can be reproduced; and
  3. How to workaround the error generated as a consequence.

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No one is forcing anyone to use Joomla 4.x

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Are these “End of Support” notifications useful or are they just nuisances?

Enough’s enough!  How do I make these EOS notices go away?

I want to be perfectly clear:  this article is about whether people must update to Joomla 4.x.  This article is not about whether people should update to J! 4.x, what are the benefits or problems and/or disadvantages in doing so.

If you are using J! 3.10A similar feature was added in J! 2.5.28 to “remind” people that support for this version would cease on 31-Dec-2014.  This feature could be turned off by disabling a plugin. you will have seen a notice about “End of Support” when you login.

This is the current end-of-support notice for Joomla 3.x




Message displayed on 17-Aug-2021 These message escalate in severity, from benign “informational” notices, through a “warning” phase and ultimately are displayed as “errors”.Joomla 3.10: End of Support Handling  The images at the right of the screen show how those messages will appear over time, starting on 17-Aug-2021, changing every six months, until the last message will appear on 17-Aug-2023.  These messages can be temporarily hidden, by clicking the close icon located in the top right corner, these messages will reappear every time you visit the backend “home page”. The informational and warning messages can be “snoozed” by clicking the orange button but the final “error” phase cannot be snoozed.

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Are Joomla 3.x extensions compatible with Joomla 4.x?

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How do we know which Joomla 3.x extensions are compatible with Joomla 4.x?

It is great that you have launched a better version of Joomla. As a Joomla lover for last 12 years, I appreciate your effort.

But I am wondering why you have not kept any option or feature to use Joomla 3.x extensions in Joomla 4? Like any new OS (like Windows) supports any software which is being run in previous versions of OS.

Because, for any new projects [that I’m considering] it’s difficult to choose between J3 or J4: if I use J3, I have to wait to upgrade to J4 when all good extensions are upgraded; if I use J4, I can not use necessary extensions which are not yet upgraded for J4 and I’m not sure when will they be upgraded.

Can you please help to find a solution for this problem?forum user, Joomla Forum, 10-Mar-2022

It is not correct  to say that extensions created for J! 3.x will work with J! 4.x or vice versa.  It is equally untrue to state that J! 3.x extensions will not work with J! 4.x or vice versa.  It is better to say that some extensions that currently work in J! 3.x may also work in J! 4.x. J! 3.x extensions, written in strict adherence with J!'s coding standards are more likely to work with J! 4.x than those extensions that do not meet those standards.  Further, extensions that have note been tested with J! 7.3 or higher are less likely to work with J! 4.x.  It is unfair to state that people need to wait until “necessary extensions”—whatever that means—are updated in order to migrate to J! 4.x.

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