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Although I’ve been fairly quiet with this site for a few months, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy.  This article covers a few items that you may find interesting.

As we head into 2019, many of us are gearing up for Joomla 4 which is currently in late alpha testing.  Apart from major makeovers in terms of look-and-feel, the biggest difference is that Joomla 4 will be the first version to exclusively use PHP 7.  This will mean that people currently relying on PHP 5.6{footnote}PHP 5.6 is approaching its end of life and what to do about it{/footnote} who anticipate moving to J! 4 will need to equip themselves with PHP 7.  This will also bring with it problems for website owners who may still be running much older versions of Joomla (e.g. J! 1.5 or J! 2.5) especially if they do not have the ability to run different versions of PHP on their webhosting platforms so that their differently-versioned J! websites will continue to operate.

In preparing ourselves for the eventual release of Joomla 4—some time in 2019—the Joomla development team has been tidying up Joomla's source code with the release of J! 3.9 in October this year.

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J! 3.8.0 was released about a week ago and, as with any dot-zero release, the com­mu­nity’s initial reaction seemed to con­demn it rather than embrace or applaud it.  This article will look be­hind the storm of protest to examine the reasons why people have ex­perienced problems that, for the most part, were not caused by the release but were mainly the result of their ignorance about the update and why it is required.

The issues that people have complained about fall into two distinct groups:

  1. There are legitimate issues relating to the J! 3.8.0 release:  the Joomla developers have responded to them and the fixes for those problems will be included in J! 3.8.1.
  2. There are problems caused by the failure of a few third-party extension developers and, from what I’ve seen, those developers have already released fixes for their products.  Some extensions, however, may be incompatible with J! 3.8.0.  I don’t think it’s fair to lay the blame on anyone but I think that, in the first instance, we shouldn’t be too quick to accuse someone else for taking a wrecking ball to our websites.  We choose to use the software that we use and we’re ultimately responsible for taking appropriate steps to insure our sites against the possibility that one day they’ll go pear-shaped.

Despite these issues, J! 3.8.0 has been well received with nearly 6%[1] of [post J! 3.5.0] sites using this new release.  Installation, integration and implementation problems inevitably occur with new dot-zero releases.  We will examine a few of them in this article.

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Things have changed a lot in the three-and-a-half years since I created this website.  From starting out with the idea that people might seek professional help with with Ku­ne­na (as well as to give me an opportunity to derive a small income by writing software specifically for that product), I soon realised that a boutique website dependent on the success of Ku­ne­na was never going to be profitable.  It may have been a “good idea” at one time but, as I observed the withering interest in Kunena, I decided to broaden my horizons—extend the purpose of this site to webcraft more generally (with Joomla in mind, of course)—while still offering fearless, independent commentary about the issues of the times.

My own forum needs notwithstanding, other Joomla software vendors’ sites—associated with Kunena—still continue to use Kunena and most of those have updated to a more current version than what I saw during my examination last year[1].  But this article is not about Kunena; this article celebrates several achievements that I’ve made in the past couple of months.  I have much to celebrate and the future of this site is looking better than ever.  If you’ve been here before and you haven’t already noticed what’s different then read on; as I wrote above:  “things have changed a lot” …

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Latest Kunena uses your website to solicit donations to the Kunena project

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Some people may be curious about the title I’ve chosen for this article.  Before people become concerned about my state of mind—am I really not going to write about Kunena anymore or is this the end of my {kun´ēzē} business—I have a few words to say about recent changes in this popular Joomla extension.  There are a couple of hidden surprises in the latest versions of Kunena that may make you think twice about wanting to install them.

At the outset, you do not need to be alarmed or feel nervous that the latest version will make your websites any more vulnerable than what they currently are.  The changes in Kunena version 4.0.12 [K 4.0.12] and 5.0.2 [K 5.0.2] will not make websites any more or less secure than the previous releases.  There have been a couple of minor technical improvements—those are the facts—but there have also been changes that may upset some people:  one change, in particular, that challenges the reasons people choose Kunena in the first place!  The good news is that the “last word” in this article will help reduce those fears.

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